58. Survey

(1) With a view to identifying dealers who are liable to pay tax under this Act, but have remained unregistered, the prescribed authority, shall, from time to time, cause a survey of unregistered dealers to be done for this purpose.

(2) For the purposes of the survey, the prescribed authority may, by notice in the prescribed form, require any dealer or class of dealers to furnish the names, addresses and other particulars, in the manner specified, of the persons and dealers who have purchased or sold any goods from or to such dealer or class of dealers during a given period.

(3) For the purposes of survey, the prescribed authority may call for, by notice in prescribed form, details and particulars regarding the services provided by public utilities, financial institutions including banking companies, clearing and forwarding agents, owners of warehouses, dalals and persons engaged in the business of transporting goods which such authority is of the opinion, shall be relevant and useful for the purposes of this Act.