1[Selection Committee for Chairperson and Members of Commission]

2[9. (1) The Chairperson and other Members of the Commission shall be appointed by the Central Government from a panel of names recommended by a Selection Committee consisting of –

a) the Chief Justice of India or his nominee ---- Chairperson;

b) the Secretary in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs ---- Member;

c) the Secretary in the Ministry of Law and Justice ---- Member;

d) two experts of repute who have special knowledge ---- Members.

of, and professional experience in international trade, economics, business, commerce, law, finance, accountancy, management, industry, public affairs or competition matters including competition law and policy

(2) The term of the Selection Committee and the manner of selection of panel of names shall be such as may be prescribed.]


1. Subs. by Competition (Amendment) Act, 2007 for “Selection of Chairperson and other Members”

2.  Subs. by Competition (Amendment) Act, 2007 for: “The Chairperson and other Members shall be selected in the manner as may be prescribed."