Detection of illegally imported goods and prevention of the disposal thereof]

Section 11A.  Definitions. –

In this Chapter, unless the context otherwise requires,-

(a)        “illegal import” means the import of any goods in contravention of the provisions of this Act or any other law for the time being in force;

(b)        “intimated place” means a place intimated under sub-section (1), sub-section (2) or sub-section (3), as the case may be, of section 11C;

(c)        “notified date”, in relation to goods of any description, means the date on which the notification in relation to such goods is issued under section 11B;

(d)        “notified goods” means goods specified in the notification issued under section 11B.


1.  Chapter IV A (containing sections 11A to 11G) inserted by Act 12 of 1969, section 2 (w.e.f. 3-1-1996).