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  Patent filing fees doubled for cos, up 60% for individuals  
  Invention and innovation will now cost more. In one of the largest increases, fees for patent filings made with the Indian regulatory authorities have doubled for companies, while those made by individuals have seen a 60% increase. Also , to give a leg-up to innovation in small and mid-sized companies and startups, a new category of 'small entity' has been introduced as an amendment in the Indian Patent Rules. This is the first major increase in fees for patent filings since 2004, industry experts say.  
  While patent filings for individuals have increased to Rs 1,600 by 60%, those for large firms doubled to Rs 8,000 for every application filed with the Indian Patent Office.  
  The Patents Amendment Rules 2014, notified recently in the Indian Patents Act by the ministry of commerce - the administrative ministry - has for the first time created the category of a small entity in line with the US patent office. The criteria for "small entity" is an enterprise engaged in the manufacture or production of goods, where the investment in plant and machinery is not over Rs 10 crore, and if engaged in providing services, where investment in equipment is not over Rs 5 crore. The small entity will pay a fee of Rs 4,000 for every patent application.  


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