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Govt. to Tighten Customs Laws to Check Duty Evasion

In order to check duty evasion, the government has proposed to tighten the Customs laws by making violation of certain provisions as cognizable offences, meaning that the offender will have to approach a Court or Magistrate to seek bail. For offences which are punishable with imprisonment for 3 years or more under the Customs Act, the person will have to move the Court or magistrate for bail, as per the Budget proposal. This Amended provisions in the Customs Act will come into effect if the market value of the goods on which duties have been evaded exceed.1 crore, duty evasion of over.30 lakh or there is an attempt to import prohibited goods.... All offences punishable with a term of imprisonment of three years or more under Section 135 (of the Customs Act) shall be cognizable, said the Memorandum to the Finance Bill 2012.


Economic Times, New Delhi, 06-04-2012




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